Scars of My Heart ep 2

Scars of My Heart
I DO NOT OWN ANY PART OF GLEE OR THE SONGS I USE RACHALS POV Leroy: Rachel hun its dinner time I look up from my book at my dad leaning in the door way Rachel: I um already ate Leroy: you eat out allot lately Rachel: What can I say I’m popular Leroy: um ok then Princess Rachel: Bye daddy I hadn’t eaten in two weeks and I still wasn’t skinny like the other girls I wasn’t even hungry thoughso why should I eat. IN GLEE I walked in wearing Kurt: Oh dear god Everyone’s eyes shot to me as I walked in. I wasn’t even going to sing today I stopped practicing I mean I didn’t get the chance to sing anymore so why practice, I’m fine with swaying in the back mouthing the words. I sat in my chair silently every eye on me Finn: What are you wearing? Rachel: can’t you tell? I’m wearing French lingerie (sarcastic) Santana: Well at least you blend in so I can pretend you’re not there I look down at me hands and close my eyes my skin feels heavy really heavy I felt Finn grab my wrist and drag me to the hall Finn: Have you lost weight? Rachel: No Finn: Have you’ve been eating enough? Rachel: Yes Finn I have been following a very healthy vegan diet Finn: Why are you lying to me? Rachel: What about Quinn? or Santana? they are skinny do you call them ugly? Finn: Rachel don’t get snippy with me I’m the one that should be mad Rachel: Why cause I made a mistake? Because I did the same thing that you did to Quinn? Finn you NEVER stood up for me when Santana insulted me and I wasn’t <b>…</b>