St Regis Princeville Hawaii USA Stand Up Paddle Surfing Fitness Training KauAIcr07 #264

St Regis Hawaii USA KauAIcr07 #264 Stand Up Paddle Surfing Water Fitness Training St Regis Princeville Resort Beach Kauai, Hawaii USA from over one year ago. I am KauAIcr07 stand up paddle surfing water fitness training. I am being filmed with my Pentax Optio waterproof camera it was fun. Today is September 29, 2011 this is KauAIcr07 #264 uploaded YouTube video hoorah. I now have two hundred sixty-four uploaded YouTube videos an accomplishment. Thank you viewers for watching my KauAIcr07 YouTube Channel bravo. KauAIcr07 #1 to KauAIcr07 #264 My husband KauAIcc KauAIcr07 #125 I thank you for your time support and patience in my fourth hobby of filming and writing which takes a lot of time thought and effort. My third hobby is gardening which I love a lot the plants are like my family. Second place hobby innovative healthy cooking and my first place hobby is stand up paddle surfing water fitness training. Well I do like them all equally all are fun and unique. Strength comes from enjoying and participating in each although the eating of the healthy cooking gives me the most strength mahalo nui loa KauAIcr07 #264 to KauAIcr07 #1 Sticking like spider-woman to my performance 8' 10" epoxy stand up paddle surfboard I paddle thru wind and rain with my carbon fiber paddle. I observe colorful bright rainbows above me Makana Peak and schools of tropical fish below me Hanalei Bay they appear and disappear as I paddle surf the warm waves of the blue Pacific Ocean. Look in the <b>…</b>
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