Weight loss from Adderall? Please help?

Asked: Weight loss from Adderall? Please help?

My doctor mentioned putting me on Adderall because it is almost impossible for me to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes and I'm often very snappy among a number of other things.

I'm a 5'2" girl and I weight roughly 120 pounds. I have heard that Adderall causes rapid weightliss when it is taken everyday which is what I will be doing. At what dose does this occur?
I am not trying to lose weight. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds but this isn't my reason for taking it. I've heard this medication decreases your appetite and I know since not eating causes you to go into starvation mode, I'm worried about gaining weight when I come off of it.

So I am wondering…
If I force myself to eat a good amount of HEALTHY foods a day and continue to exercise well, will I be alright?
And what dose does weightloss occur? (if anyone happens to know) I'm a bit worried. I've always wanted to lose a FEW pounds but I want those pounds to be of fat. Not muscle.


Forget it. There are better methods to lose weight. Message me if you truly need an answer to all of your problems.

Adderall increases your metabolism, so you could possibly lose weight on your current diet if you start taking it. If you want that to be fat and not muscle, and if you want to prevent yourself from binging at night and gaining weight, then you need to eat a big healthy breakfast and make yourself eat throughout the day. 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking the meds is best. I take it for severe chronic fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis so I'm on a much higher dose then you'll ever be, and I eat something every 2 hours. You may not feel like eating, so use this opportunity to eat healthy (you'll have to force down whatever you try to eat for a little while anyway).
An add dose of adderall will not suppress your appetite forever. Your body will adjust and you will be able to eat normally again eventually, so use the first few weeks to start good habits.

Now, you may forget everything I said since I know teen girls aspire to a size 0, but this is important. If your doctor sees you losing weight in an unhealthy manner, they'll take you off the meds. Also, if you don't force yourself to eat normally or at least almost normally throughout the day, then you will eat anything and everything after it wears off at night. That happens to be the worst time of day to eat a lot, especially your first real meal of the day, so make it your number one priority to eat food.

One more thing; drink water. Nothing but water. Not only will adderall make ou like water, but you need it. Dehydration + adderall = frickin horrible stomach issues. Like constipated to the point of getting impacted stool removed from your body by a doctor horrible.

Also if you're one of the many girls faking attention problems to get adderall for weight loss, not a good idea. The side effects will make you spend hours playing angry birds, forget things, take 4 hours to perfectly wash the dishes, and all kinds of other stuff. Increasing your b vitamin intake and exercising along with eating healthy are much better for controlling weight, especially when you don't need to lose any

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